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You should need to Confirm when logging out, as logging out randomly isn’t the best user experience.

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I’ve never experienced random logging out before on the Cookie Forums. If you’ve recently cleared all your site cookies from your computer that would have logged you out of every site. However, you have a good point. A confirmation would certainly be a good option to add.


I’ve never heard anything of random logging out. Can you provide like a video so I understand?

We currently have no intention of adding this feature, it’s extremely hard to accidently log out.

Profile Picture > Profile Symbol > Log Out

Sites can tell who is logged in with a cookie, this cookie is unique, it’s essentially your password without a username, when you reset the cookie, which you may do for whatever reason it resets the cookies, when your cookie is reset the server generates a new cookie, but you the client don’t know the cookie has changed, so your browser continues to use the old cookie, since the old cookie has expired you will be logged out.

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It’s not that hard. Log Out confirm - Site Feedback - Cookie Tech || Streamable

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Yes, but cookie does have a valid point.

It’s pretty hard to log out my mistake, as there are several steps involved to get to the log out button. Plus, it doesn’t seem worth adding a log out button and it’s not going to be that useful.

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I’ve logged out many times on my Ipad-


Hey, nice to see you again, well, it’s only been a few days, but I’m back now.

This occurs from resetting your cookies, as browsers do sometimes to maintain a good uptime, you should always save your password as Apple has a password lock, furthermore, if this keeps happening, try contacting cookie?

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I mean, this. Log Out confirm - Site Feedback - Cookie Tech

That doesn’t happen to me, let me take a look…

Huh, that seems to be a glitch, and even with my minimal web knowledge, since this appears to be a glitch, a lot-out confirm wouldn’t even show up, since you didn’t trigger the button.

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May I ask what deice your on, what os & what screen version?