Login screen design idea

Hey guys! I have an idea which will make the login screen look more modern and simple. I think you should change the login screen to this:

This will also lessen the login complexity and will make the login screen look more unique.


However I am confused: What is complex about the loading screen?


Minor details of it, such as small icons for logging in with Gmail or Discord. I feel as if wording beside the login logos (google and discord symbol) make it look a bit complex.


We could certainly think about it.


That is a good idea.

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I like it! Nice idea!!


Forgot to mention, makes it look more modern as well.

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Yes! Your right they should defenetly add it!

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Many positive results however in my personal opinion it’s ugly the picture of the door is not my taste. Also take a picture of the original it’s not far of.


Perhaps without the door and make it long and have slightly rounded corners on the login button.

Yeah, curved buttons look neater, also that was an old example of the login screen so if I could remake this example I would keep the current login button but add a curve to it.

Mhm, I could try to make a concept.

Here’s my idea. (Made mostly in Roblox studio but added some in photoshop.) The logos aren’t even but you get the image.

It looks very much like the roblox login, and looks pretty much like our current login.

How is it like the roblox login?


I meant it looks a bit like our current logo

Also, is the logo supposed to go to a new page or to make a box?

It looks nice, but it doesn’t go with the forums theme.

All of these Login screens look nice, but do they go with the theme of the forums, and they already look way to similar to our current logo?