Looking for a partner

Hello Cookie Tech!

If you have seen my previous post. This is my announcement. If not, I recommend checking it out for a background of who I am. So if you couldn’t tell, I am looking for a partner. What for? Some may ask. Let me tell you. I am looking for a partner for a group. I have 3 available projects we can work on. We can choose one at a time, all three at once, or even just two. These projects are thought-out and well-planned groups that were shut down before my disappearance from the community. All of these groups were very active and one having 5k+ members. But the reason I closed these groups was because of an AA where all members were exiled from the group because a Vice-Chairman’s account was cookie-logged. But there are some things I need from my business partner so we can both succeed and make money for the long term. I need my partner to have the following qualities: ability to build or script, be active in working, be motivated to keep going if times are tough, management skills, and a kind personality. While you may ask what will I bring to the table? I am a very motivated person to get stuff done quickly. I care a lot about even the littlest details. I am a very active person and I can get a group from 0-100 in the first few days. I make sure people stay active and don’t get bored of the game and making it fun for our employees as well as guests. While that is already strong there is more. I am capable of building as well as scripting. I already have equipment made for all the groups, as well as checkmein. Whats in it for you? We split profits 50/50. Make a name for ourselves and if it comes time somebody wants to buy the group, we will walk with our bag and do it again.

Also for people who don’t want commitment to something like this you can still help. We will be needing SHR and HR positions.

I will not be able to spend money now but I need ranking services, if anyone knows of a good unbranded one offering applications as well as rank donations please let me know.

Well thanks for reading, please comment any questions in regards.

Have a wonderful night,
Group links:
Tiny T’s Cafe
Koala Hotels (Inherited)
Titanium Hotel

Sometimes long posts aren’t fun to read - Try making this post a little shorter and more organized. I wish you luck in finding a partner!

Is this to develop, or shared own?

Also, recommend shortening it and splitting it up into paragraphs and maybe make the headings bold, or italic.

Thank you! (Sorry for the length)

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Shared ownership. Thanks for the feedback

It’s alright! Just remember it in the future! :wink:

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Hey Cookie Tech! Updating on my progress!

Started development on the Training Center for Tiny T’s Cafe

I am still looking for someone so please reach out!

Daily Update!

hm, the colours are very neutral.

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Thats my desired look. Any feedback?

You should definitely add an accent wall or apply an accent color throughout the building.

Okay, what are you thinking? I didnt work on it today to do some commissions.

I think a blue color would probably look nice somewhere in there.

Okay, I will try it and let you know.

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Looking better! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Thank you! I will update you all when it is done.

Looks a lot nicer, great job! Keep up the great work.