Looking for someone to make me a GFX with people from Antarctica on it. [R$800 - R$2500]

For this Commision I need you to be able to make a thumbnail and logo of two people walking through a snowy, foggy cold Antarctic environment.

  • I need the people to be in a good pose & be wearing the typical Antarctica equipment, Red coat, Mask and goggles.

For this order I need you to dm me the thumbnail and logo with watermark before I pay, after I pay I need the logos in full resolution (1920 x 1080 & 500 x 500) without any form of watermark.

I need the logo to have good environment and look nice, I want there to be some unevenness in the ground as I also need the ground to be a bit snowy and icy.

Thanks for reading,

If you would like to get in touch,

DM me here on the Cookie Tech Forums.


  • I will need the GFX done by Sunday if possible, I can fluctuate a bit.

  • I need all of the above to be fulfilled.

  • I am willing to negotiate payment.

  • I will also need previous work to prove your capable of doing this task.


I have a budget of R$800 - R$2500+ ; I am up for negotiation.

Sunday is a bit too short for an advanced GFX like that ngl …

I’ll think about this GFX thing, it may take a day or so for me to decide though.

“Sunday is a bit too short for an advanced GFX like that ngl …”

I think its possible.

But as I state.

By any chance do you have any assets which can be used to create the background scene?

Well I want the background just to be misty with fog.

Sooo basically it will just be a misty white background with two antarctic people. Are you looking for them to be placed standing somewhere (like a baseplate) or just like my GFX but with two people?

Standing on a snowy windy icy environment.

with gear to climb a mountain, wearing jackets and hats, aswell as glasses or googles, preferably holding pickaxe’s to help them climb. If you would like an obj file of an npc premade model I have wearing them just lmk.

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Oh ok lol … sure, I would like that.