Making decibels for music ui

like this.

i always wanted to make one, but i cant.

Please provide more detail. I am unable to understand.

Perfect, 25swrld wanted me to talk to you about it coz he doesnt know who else knows.

Decibels Things that pop up for the music


Below the music title.

What are you asking about Music Decibels?

Making a GUI that can detect the decibels and Rise a frame in the middle.

@peter Do you have the idea?

Oh. Well first you’d need something that recognizes the sound output, then create the spike things and make the script set the corresponding spike things to the volume the audio is at.

How would I get the audio output?

Write a script maybe?

Is there an API for it?

You’d have to make some changes.

Roblox api i mean dude

Hence why you would:

Not much point in generating this, this is more for audio editing like @peter suggested, it just tells us sound designers how loud the audio is, this is especially important when using microphones to make sure it sounds even. It might be better to have some cool effects using bass or something, haven’t really experimented with this stuff…

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