Making "drag" cuffs that work for R15 & R6 (Tutorial coming soon)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

It’s finally here.

I know tons of groups need it & I finally made it, cuffs that you can use to drag people that works for R6 and R15.

Here is a quick preview:

What do you think of the cuffs?

A tutorial will be coming next week on this!

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Very good! Looks similar to how you can cuff in ER:LC. However It think it would look more realistic if there wasn’t a large gap between the two people.

Maybe add a Mesh instead of an Invisible Block.

That will be customizable! :construction_worker_man:

I know everyone likes to have a different cuffs model, this will of-course be open-source like usual, if you struggle customizing the tool, you can always reach out!

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Son, that’s amazing, finally a cuffs that work with both Rs. Good job

Will it also be possible to play an animation when someone is cuffed, like struggling to get out of cuffs?

I’m sure you will be able to code that in! - You just need to play an animation when the player is in the arrested state.

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I look forward to seeing how you can make this! This was honestly fun testing, lol.

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