Massive company bought Roblox Game

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We’ve had some crazy roblox news come in. Welcome to Blozburg is one of the biggest games in roblox and apparently it’s been bought for 100 million REAL US dollars.

It seems this company has never owned a roblox game and this is the game they chose to bought this is a pretty big step for them. It could be that they continue to have coeptus (owner if bloxburg) continue to develop but nobody is quite sure.

It’s crazy how we have seen this game grow and now is being sold for a presumed 100 million USD, how do you think this should go. And do you thing it was tos friendly, I would love to hear your opinions down below! :smiley:


I think that this is fake, a rumour (maybe not) because I don’t really believe it, a game company bought a game from Roblox for 100m dollars?

Some business savvvy people tell me that 100m dollars for a game that makes 30m revenue a year isn’t that good, so apparently that would be a bad deal for the owners if they only sold this for that much.

With these big games 100m dollars is not that much.

14 days later

Not too long ago, welcome to bloxburg was sold (read more above). Lot’s of people thought the owner of bloxburg was a sell out, but listed above this a reply why this may not be true. But during this entire situation the one and only developer of bloxburg, coeptus has kept his silence.

Coeptus has finally responded to this on his twitter!

You can read the message for yourself, Coffee Stain is a Swedish video game creator & I believe this is perfect for Coeptus as he is located in Sweeden, which means he can physically head to the offices.

Coffee Stain has made quite a few notable game titles:

  • Goat sim 2
  • Goat sim 3
  • Satisfactory

And a few other games. They have no intentions of shutting down & you probably won’t notice a difference & if you do, it should be a good one. :slight_smile:

This probably takes this chapter to an end, hopefully amazing things come of this.