Massive roblox hack - SearchBlox

Recently we had a situation with the extension “SearchBlox”, essentially the code was modified and over 200K people were affected by this hacking, even Flamingo made a video on it & when Flamingo makes a video on news, it’s big news.

SearchBlox is an extension, with most extensions they’re unofficial so it’s easy for a mistake to be made.


Luckily Roblox took a massive one for the team and refunded a ton of people, which is highly appreciated, many people had robux stolen and limited taken, as a result the roblox caught in quick and took the appropriate action while also banning the creator.

We all thought it would be the end, but it turns out it’s not…

Creator of a trusted roblox extension:

This user is trying to put any code they want into any extension so they can go ahead and steal the account, what they’re trying to do if persuade the owners of these extensions to do it with money.

Source: Alex OP (twitter)

I really hope these changes and is fixed in the future. Remember to stay safe.