Massive Security Risk - Roblox voice WITHOUT ID?

Hey Cookie Tech Community,

Recently a roblox user took to twitter making the following post:

Now without saying; this is a major issue, it seems users with 13+ accounts that are non-verified are getting access to voice chat, it’s so easy to just set your account to 13+ on roblox, it’s unreal.

It’s even predicted that roblox is rolling out this features in a couple of days, honestly, this sucks. - I consider my public image to be pretty innocent, however, the conditions, even with verified roblox accounts are VERY brutal.

E.g: Bad language everywhere you go, Racism, Homophobia, everything bad you can imagine, happens on roblox vc every 15 minutes. Roblox VC is a very toxic place and I can’t imagine that changing.

So allowing people who may actually take in what is being said and being genuinely venerable was a horrendous move by roblox.

Right now this is releasing with certain countries, what are your views with this?

Roblox - Horrible moves


This is horrible. Voice chat on Roblox is already toxic enough, from what I’ve seen. I’m telling you, the last thing Roblox needs are >13 users to be exposed to bad language and inappropriate conversation.

Roblox … what have you done?

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Ok roblox, you can make the oof sound suck BUT THIS? NO ROBLOX YOU TOOK IT TOO FAR THERE IS KIDS PLAYING ON ROBLOX

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It’s so true, in some cases this could cause proper mental damage, also the worst thing you can do is retaliate, then YOU risk losing your account.


My Account was set to under 13, as a Hacker set it to under 13-

Plus, I don’t feel comfortable sharing my voice.

The main concern is not about people speaking and sharing their voice but about people listening.


I agree, a lot of U13s could have there mic on not knowing how to use it and everyone’s voice and stuff gets leaked. This is just a bad idea… why do I even want to vc people in roblox, we have discord if we really wanted to.

I don’t know why roblox did this, I understood verification was annoying, but it’s necessary, I’m going to check the laws for public VC, because I would like to research more about this, there are other games with open vc but most of them are rated PEGI 12+.