Message Encryption + Removal of chat



We have recently settled to remove the chat feature from our website due to the fact it was very difficult to moderate inappropriate messages.

Typically when a private message is flagged on the forums a moderator can view the message, the chat had no flag feature at all.

I’ve decided to remove chat and introduce a new method of communication via methods: message encryption.

Message encryption means when you message somebody your messages are fully encrypted.

How to use message encryption

  1. Enable encryption and activate current device.


  1. Send an encrypted message. The recipient must also have enabled encryption.

 Optionally, you can determine the time after which the whole message or specific post will be permanently destroyed 
  1. Read secret messages. Encryption must be activated first to read them.

Outro & Warning

This may restrict moderators and admins from moderating private messages, this feature is also in beta, so it may also be removed at any time.

Please use with care and I hope you enjoy,

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Chat returns but now with the ability to flag! :face_exhaling: