Minecraft 1.18 | Have you found any interesting things so far?

Hey everyone!

As you probably know, Minecraft 1.18 dropped on November 30th, which was 6 days ago from the time of posting this. I have found so many interesting features and explored so many cool things, and I also realized that some of my old world are special, for instance due to the rate of diamond ore generating, etc.

Over the next few days, I will try to gather some cool images of 1.18 stuff, like terrain blending which I will show you guys right now!

Here you can see how the game attempts to merge 1.18 generation (left on both images) with 1.17/1.16 generation (left on both images). It does not make much sense, but it’s actually cool. Just imagine, a cold snowy plains right beside a desert. But, get this: the desert in this world is extremely special because desert lakes no longer generate like this, almost bringing an extinction to them.

What have you guys found so far during your exploration of 1.18? Have you found anything special, perhaps even weird like floating villages? Let me know below!

These images were taken by me on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition version 1.18.0. I used a shader for these images called bicubic shaders, exclusive to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Nice, I haven’t really used minecraft 1.8 for stuff.

Wait did you mean 1.18 or 1.8? Because uhh 1.8 was released 2014


i love all the new generation in the game, it must have been so hard to add.

Sorry, I mean a.18, the new caves are nifty, I just recently had a look at the update myself, not the biggest Minecraft person.