Minecraft 1.20 - Better Than We Thought?

Hey everyone!

If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast like me, you probably know that there have been a lot of surprise features that have been added to the up-and-coming version of Minecraft 1.20 in recent weeks!

When Minecraft Live was announced last year, Mojang initially introduced only a few mere features that upset the community as everyone expected more. These features included hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves, camels, and the Sniffer, who won the recent mob-vote. For the time-being, this was all that we thought was coming.

However, the community was not exactly pleased. Because of the massive recent updates, 1.17 and 1.18, expectations for future updates went up. And this is quite evident, too, because 1.19 did not include much and the community acknowledged this as, “okay, but not the best.”

Mojang knew this. The community knew this — there were now many more expectations from Mojang to keep the player base interested. YouTubers played a large role as even they rightfully complained the current features were not enough for the version 1.20. Because this number marks a milestone for Minecraft, it deserved more content than that of any other update.

As a few months passed by, we were given huge surprises for Mojang — the long-awaiting archeology, the cherry grove biome, and even new blocks! Nobody ever expected Mojang to do this, many even say this is the best surprise tactic any company has used, and I have to agree.

As one can see, Minecraft 1.20 went from being potentially one of the smallest updates to a larger, eagerly-awaited update. We never expected Mojang to bring more content, and this was a great surprise for the community of Minecraft!

With that said, do you believe Minecraft 1.20 could potentially be the largest game-changing update for Minecraft, or why do you believe we were loaded with a whole lot more features? Let me know below!

(P.S. Sorry if the post didn’t transition so well, I was pretty tired when I was writing this)

Interesting. Are there any pictures you have to share?

Yep, for sure! Recent videos from the official Minecraft Youtube channel feature some of these new features as seen below.

The introduction of these new features means new items and blocks as well! The Sniffer coming to game means we’re getting new plants such as the “Torchflower,” the Cherry Blossom biome brings more particle and soil changes in the biome, and archeology brings a new block called “Suspicious Sand” which can be brushed and will reveal pottery shards and other rare items.

It’s also surprising that Mojang is able to multitask so effectively and efficiently, as Minecraft Legends is being worked on and is expected to release this April (they’re already taking pre-orders), on top of that they have to maintain other games such as Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft itself.