Minecraft Allay Mob - About

Hey everyone!

We all probably know that the Allay mob won last year’s mob vote, and it’s planned to arrive in 1.19’s full release!

Here’s what the Allay can do, sources come from the Minecraft Wiki:

  • Collect any dropped items which it’s currently holding.
  • Bring the items to a linked noteblock, or to the player.
  • Can be useful for automatic farms in some cases.
  • Flies around passively, unable to go through walls like the Vex mob.
  • Can interact with some items players use, such as the Totem of Undying.
  • Has a glowing texture, slightly lighting up the surrounding environment.
  • Immune to damage by their owners, meaning you can only kill one if it’s not yours or using the /kill command (not encouraged, it’s cute!)


The Allay can do much more, and it’s still in development! What are your opinions on this new mob? Looking forward to them! :heart: