Minecraft Bedrock - Modding Community At Stake

Guys, if you have heard, Minecraft will soon bring the RenderDragon rendering engine to Android and iOS in 1.18’s full release. This will discontinue all mods, addons and shaders of Bedrock Edition on iOS, Android and several more platforms. We need to get Mojang’s attention now before it’s too late.

If we do not manage to convince Mojang to allow users to create mods, addons, shaders etc. compatible with the RenderDragon engine, it will take a great toll on all of Minecraft as Bedrock Edition is widely used. If we do manage to convince them to allow shader and mod support for the RenderDragon engine, then maybe we can save the modding community from thier doom.

With that said, I urge you to upvote this topic on the Minecraft Feedback website if you care about the modding community of Minecraft, and want to help save the Bedrock modding community from perishing forever.


Wow … after all this time it looks like we’ve hit 14k votes, and Mojang has successfully gained our attention! I believe a few developers from Mojang Studios are trying to make the RenderDragon interfere less with mods.

And, yes, the RenderDragon should be coming to iOS and Android before 1.19’s release, specifically in version 1.18.30.