Minecraft GFX (Off Topic)

I made a Minecraft GFX, ratings please


Maybe try check marking the “no shadow” feature in blender!

Very nice! Perhaps you should try to add in a background of some soft, and try rotating the camera a bit just for a cooler angle.

Yee, I noticed that as well.

I used Mine-Imator, however I think they is a no shadow feature soo ye

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Nice! Yeah their may be a shadowing option.

Another thing, maybe some more accessories and overlayed clothing?

Yeee, i might add some armour.

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Cool! Maybe once you can manage to pose you could start adding in more mobs, such as zombies.

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I think it would also be great if you added some light emission to your axe.

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The position looks a bit weird, otherwise, great job!

Axes don’t actually emit any light in the game, I think you meant reflections?

I think that would allow the axe to glow giving it a sense of importance or rarity.

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Ah, I see. Similar to an enchantment applied to the axe, when you do that in game the item enchanted starts to glitter.

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