Minecraft Java and Bedrock - Comparision & Differences

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If you play Minecraft, you probably know about that one split in the community which is all just a debate between the two editions of Minecraft. Java and Bedrock.

What is the big difference? Why is there so much debate on which is better? Well, in this post, I will try to tell you all about it.
Now, before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not insulting either edition, I am just here to tell you about the main difference and high pros and cons of each version.

Introduction of Myself
So, now lets start of with an introduction of myself. I have been playing Minecraft for three and a half years, always seeking for cool areas to explore, mine and build. I play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on iPadOS. An interesting fact, you may find, is that I discovered this game 5 years ago but purchased it 2 years later. You may already know from what I say above that is it apparent that I have started playing Minecraft way before Roblox.

The Split in the Minecraft Community
The Minecraft community is united as one, and has always been since the beginning of Minecraft’s existance. But there is a gap, one that has caused the largest arguments in the Minecraft community, and that gap is the editions of Minecraft.

You see, when Minecraft was first created, it was originally known as Minecraft: Java Edition. About 2 years later, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition was released. It was released with very low graphics and quality, and this is what mainly started the debate in the Minecraft community still to this very day.

The Modding Community of Minecraft
Now, when Minecraft: Bedrock was established, the all-new Minecraft Marketplace was added shortly after. At this point in time, Minecraft Java players had access to free online mods. The Marketplace charged money to get mods, which then became the main center of the debate.

Minecraft Java players were reluctant towards Minecraft Bedrock, but this change made them vow to never touch this edition of Minecraft in thier lifetime.

You may assume from this that Minecraft Java players are being really rough to Bedrock players. This is true, but it does get better later on. Again, I am not insulting Java players. Now, lets read on.

A few months ago from this time of when I am making this post, several Java edition YouTubers started to recognize the true face of Bedrock Edition. One of the most informative videos is here, and it explains more in-depth info about this.

Performance, Servers and More
Minecraft: Java Edition is well known for it’s modding, but what about features, server hosting and performace? This is where the light shines on Bedrock.

You may recognize, from the official Minecraft wiki and in-game if you own both editions, that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has a lot of interteresting features which Java Edition does not have. Some of these include biome water variants, animal sizes and exclusive biomes.

If you have been playing Minecraft: Java or Bedrock for a long time, you probably know about a Minecraft server called “The Hive.” This server is well known as one of the large servers which migrated to Bedrock edition for various reasons. Everything is explained in the video link above.

For now, I will not go into performace, that you can look into from the video above.

Helpful Articles
Official Post by Mojang Studios
The In-Depth Video

I hope this article has helped you realize the true differences between Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft. Please refer to articles above for more detailed info.

Note: I am not insulting either edition. I am merely explaining differences between these two editions.

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Wow thank you! I Finally decided I’ll Maybe buy Java! Ty so much! Also, incredible amazing post! Please continue posting topics like this!

New solution to this! If you own a Windows PC, then you can get Xbox Gamepass for PC! This means that you can get both editions in the Minecraft Launcher if you buy the Xbox Gamepass for PC which is cheaper than Java Edition at a price of $25.99 (I think in USD currency)!

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Ty! I’ll read about it, ty for Posting this.

No problem @FriX_0z!

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This was such a useful post! Thank you so much for sharing!

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Glad you like it, I like sharing these sort of things.

Oh, and I forgot to add, Minecraft Bedrock Edition has the ability to run Ray Tracing and Upscaling features (on supported devices), which Java does not have and probablty never will.

(I’ve also checked the poll, thanks for your responses!)