Minecraft Live 2022 - Be Prepared!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I made a topic, and I want to keep activity running here. My topic presented to you today is about the Minecraft Live 2022 event, which is yet anothers amazing livestream for the Minecraft community not too far down the road!

(Source: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/live)

First off: What is Minecraft Live?

For those of you unfamiliar, Minecraft Live is a livestream event hosted each year by Mojang Studios for a fun community-based mob vote, as well as future update hints and fun-to-watch gameplay by the developers.

What is the “mob vote?”

The mob vote is where community members of Minecraft can vote for a new mob, and have a chance to influence the game and it’s content. Each year, Mojang Studios reveals three new mobs that the community can vote for (only once) using a Microsoft account. Some features of the mobs are revealed, and Minecraft players get to decide and pick their favorite mob of all!

How do I vote for a mob?

The three mobs for this year’s Minecraft Live are the following; the Sniffer, Rascal, and the Tuff Golem! (no, “tuff” is not a grammar mistake)

(Source: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/live)

In the past, Mojang has been using Twitter polls to commence a two-round vote and announce the winner of the mob vote sometime during the stream!

However, they recently took into account that not everybody has Twitter, and because this vote is about the Minecraft community, the vote system was integrated into their own platform. They will be using it for this year’s mob vote!

You can vote using the following methods;

  • Bedrock Edition Voting/Minigames Server
  • Minecraft Launcher
  • Minecraft Official Site

When is Minecraft Live 2022?

Minecraft Live 2022 is scheduled to happen at 2022-10-15T16:00:00Z. Remember that this is Eastern Daylight Time (EST), and that a pre-show by selected Minecraft YouTubers will be happening 30-minutes earlier.

This post may be a bit late, but it’s never too late to prepare for Minecraft Live. Watch the trailers, pick your favorite mob, and make sure you’re voting for it between 2022-10-14T16:00:00Z2022-10-15T16:00:00Z, if you want your vote to count.

I’m pretty excited for this yearly event, but what are your opinions? Looking forward to your responses!


Not really a Minecraft person (because £10.99 a month for Xbox game pass ultimate no way :face_with_spiral_eyes:) but it sounds cool.

Xbox game pass ultimate is for people looking for a whole libary of games, buy Java and you get both bedrock and java for the grand price of £24.99, one time.


Voting Has Begun!

The mob vote has officially opened! You can now vote for your favorite mob and change your vote as many time as you like, until Minecraft Live begins tomorrow.

Remember, vote carefully! It has a chance to influence the game.


(Sorry for posting a bit late)

Minecraft Live Starting!

Hey everyone!

Minecraft Live will be starting very soon at 11:30am EST. This is the pre-show from Minecraft YouTubers, however the actual show starts at 12:00pm EST.

Here’s the link to the stream, keep an eye on it! :eyes:

Remember, there is also a sign-language version of Minecraft Live, and even translated versions of the show. Minecraft Live will be available in the following languages;

See Here
  • English -------------- :canada: :us: :uk:
  • Korean -------------- :kr:
  • German ------------- :de:
  • Spanish (Spain) ----- :es:
  • Spanish (L.A.) ------- :es: :us:
  • French -------------- :fr:
  • Russian ------------- :ru:
  • Swedish ------------ :sweden:
  • Japenese ----------- :jp:
  • Portuguese--------- :portugal:
  • Italian -------------- :it:
  • Arabic ------------- :saudi_arabia: :united_arab_emirates:
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Really interesting, looks like there are quite a few cool things!

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Yep, it’s pretty cool! Looks like the update is themed on many things, from camels to completely customizable bookshelves.

The Sniffer has also won the mob vote! :partying_face:

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