Minecraft Server Glitch - Is it game-breaking?

Hey everyone!

Recently, I’ve been looking into Minecraft-related topics, and I stumbled upon an interesting video created by YouTuber TheMisterEpic.

This video was describing a bug that could potentially be very dangerous, and although I watched it several times I’m amazed that is it really possible for one to be in two servers at once.

Now, you may have several questions how this is even possible, but allow me to explain briefly below. The link to the video is here, and please note the video fully belongs to YouTuber TheMisterEpic and full credit is given to him.

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to turn this into an exploit, or attempt to reproduce it, my job here is to merely brief you on a game-breaking glitch in the game. If you plan to reproduce this bug you are doing so at your own risk.

What is this dangerous glitch?
This dangerous glitch may be the most game-breaking bug in the entire Minecraft history. For almost a decade, this bug has existed, and only a very small amount of users experienced this bug.
This extreme glitch is where one is able to be in two servers in a single instance, meaning you are in one server but in the other at the same time. It’s completely mind-blowing.

What does this glitch do?
This glitch makes it possible to be playing in one server, but at the same time you are in the other server. Let’s say you were playing in the Hypixel Minecraft: Java Edition server — as per it’s popularity and same example in the video — and you saw a few things from your own personal server inside the actualy Hypixel server lobby, and you were seeing the sky flicker as well as your character acting as a complete ghost and unable to move in certain places. If one experiences this, they are experiencing this extremely game-breaking glitch.

If you don’t really get it, I don’t blame you. It’s hard for me to explain this as well, because this abandoned glitch has been uncovered very recently and it’s not easy to find the right words to describe this overpowered glitch.

How is it dangerous?
This glitch can be potentially very dangerous to server owner, both private and public, because a server-switching glitch like this can allow you to transfer items from one server to another, like an invisible portal with items pouring in and out from both sides.
Luckily, most large servers have anti-exploit clients that prevent this from happening, however there are still some servers — mainly newer servers — that do not have the proper clients to block this kind of exploit from happening due to the server-switching bug.

Furthermore, this could lead to several technical issues, such as game crashing, computer overloads, and severe graphic problems that can damage your computer or PC.

All in all, this bug is not something you should be actively worried about, as it’s been existing in the game for over 8 years. However, you should never try to reproduce this if you can’t control the outcome. This post may have been short, but for good reasoning, as I do not wish to make this post very long, time consuming, and I want to keep this brief and simple as possible.

If you do or don’t play Minecraft, what are your thoughts on this? Could it lead to something more severe? Let me know below! :heart:


Wow, that was a good video.
I don’t think this will do much though because most servers use spigot / paper (if im correct) so ye. It still works on realms though which is bad. I don’t think mojang will be fixing this anytime soon.


It was a really good point, and your brought some good arguments to the table, all in all, a perfect post :heart:

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Mojang is actually very good with fixing issues like this, they will always fix bugs on their official copies so I think they will fix it, however, that is an incredibly dangerous feature and could have some very bad outcomes, imagine somebody has their own server, gives themself a 32k minecraft weapon and transfers it between servers, this could be game breaking.

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