Minecraft: Tricky Trials (1.21) - It's Coming!

Minecraft: “Tricky Trials” 1.21 - Coming Soon! :exploding_head:

Greetings, everyone!

If you’ve seen the latest Minecraft news, you’d know that the time is almost here … Minecraft’s next anticipated update, the “Tricky Trials,” is almost here, coming to Bedrock and Java editions on June 13th, 2024! Even more surprisingly, this comes as Mojang celebrates Minecraft’s 15th Birthday by slashing all prices by 50% until June 22nd, and introduced a variety of new add-ons for Bedrock — as well as an exclusive birthday cape (these can all be found on Minecraft.net, do check them out)! Without further ado, let’s focus on the upcoming Minecraft: “Tricky Trials” 1.21 update coming soon …

This update has been long-anticipated as it brings entirely new underground structures (as if the Deep Dark and cave overhauls weren’t enough, lol), alongwith new mobs, amazing new and revamped features, a new weapon, and introduces an entriely new reason to play Minecraft survival mode in the first place … guranteed treats in this update!

In fact, check out the latest “Minecraft Monthly” that was publiched on Minecraft’s official YouTube channel, where the studio covers some details about the update;

Sounds amazing! Tell me more …:eyes:

So, you might be wondering, what is exactly new in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update? No need to fear, as I’ve broken down the main highlights of this update below!

  • Trial Chambers: These are entirely new underground structures consisting of several trials! Each chamber has a certain level of difficulty, where you fight various mobe (eg. the new Breeze and moss skeleton, along with the mobs we already have), and there is a large room with chests to go with it. If you can obtain a trial key, you can unlock the trial vaults and reap great rewards, such as rare armor trims and other valuables!

  • More Items: There has been an addition of several new blocks, such as the copper bulb, chiseled copper, chiseled tuff, copper door, copper grate, copper trapdoor, auto-crafter, heavy core, ominous trial spawner, and ominous vault. There are also several enchanced potion effects, such as the “Bad Omen” effect improvements.

  • New Mobs: There are two new mobs — the Breeze, which is a hostile mob with the ability to attack players with the power of wind in the chambers, and the Bogged, which is a mossy skeleton that spawns in the chambers as well as mangrove swamps.

For the full details of this upcoming update, I recommend you check out the widely-popular Minecraft Wiki. Personally, I’m quite excited for this update as it brings several new features, revamps, and quality-of-life improvements. Looking forward to your opinions! :green_heart:

Disclaimer: The banner and video are belongings of Mojang AB, the developers behind Minecraft Bedrock, Java, Dungeons, and Legends.

The update is now here! Check out all the details on Minecraft’s website here. I’m quite excited to explore the Trail Chambers!

Check out the official trailer here as well;

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Yay yay yay, I think me and my friends will be playing on a SMP for a little bit this summer, I never knew Minecraft servers had so many different options. What I found quite impressive is that Fabric already has a 1.21 version out, that appears to be stable (Only a couple of hours after the release); I presume they were using the canary builds to already build something close. But as you can see Paper is not already on 1.21.

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