Moderation+ Features

Greetings, Cookie Forums!

Recently, I started making an admin system: Moderation+. I was hoping to sell this, and I was wondering what features I should add to make it better.

So far, I have commands like:

  • Warning commands
    • Warn
    • Warnings
    • Clearwarns
  • Ban commands
    • Server ban
    • Permanent ban
  • Utility commands
    • Btools
    • Sword
    • Segway

This is just some of the basic commands, there are many more commands on the admin system. I’ve finished programming everything except I just need more commands & need UIs.

@cam, Moderator

Perhaps a server-wide messaging system would be nice, like how HD Admin has the “;m” command for server-wide messaging.

Possibly you can add !promote and !demote commands like there is on the cookie tech tutorial. (it is actually pretty easy, just add the script, and on the ;cmds list, it says !promote and !demote) besides that, I am very excited to buy it!