Modifying BAE UIs

Hey guys! Recently, I made a post about how I modified the BAE UI and now I am making a tutorial on this.
Before you continue, please review my previous post to view the outcome.
I won’t go over every detail I used, but I will show you how to modify your UIs.

First, you’ll have to get the BAE model. (Obviously)
Set this up however you wish.
Now, you’ll notice in configuration how it says “Loader ID”. (It should be 563619835) Normally, we don’t want to mess with this, but in this case, we do.
Run this in command bar: game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(563619835).Parent = workspace
Now that you have sucessfully loaded the module, if you go to your explorer, you’ll see that a model has come up. Place this model inside your BAE script.
Now, ungroup this model. (Ctrl + U/Cmd + U)
You’ll notice that inside the model was a script called “MainModule”. This is how Basic Admin essentials functions, it handles all the commands, etc. I won’t be going over this today, however, you can mess with this to mod your basic admin essentials.

If you open the module, you’ll see a folder called Components. Open this.
Now you’ll notice these:
These are all the extras that BAE uses to help. You can explore these, however we want Essentials Client, a ScreenGui.
Place this in StarterGui so we can edit it better.

Once you place the GUI in StarerGui, you will notice that nothing appears. Open the GUI up, open Base Clip, and you will see tons of different frames.
If you make these visible, you can see them. This will allow you to edit your UIs better now.
I won’t go over how I modded mine, however I’ll tell you what I did.
Remember to place your UI back in the Components folder when you’re done!

Wait…one last thing.
Back to your main config script. Make sure that your module is requiring script.MainModule at the very bottom.

For mine, all I did was change the font to Arial. Then, I rounded the UIs, and I made the headings invisible. Instead, I added a line below where the heading was. I changed the background transparency to be less transparent as well.

Well, that’s all, feel free to leave your opinions below!

Cam, Moderator

PS: you need to get this model in order to insert the MainModule.


Don’t work for me.

That’s weird! It might be caused by the roblox outage.

Bruh nothing changed for me

Weird! @NeonNathan & @Deleted_User12, try to get this model and implement it.

I am using that right now.

Could you send your exact model your using with a different datastore key?

What do you mean by that?

So like the one you modifyed.

I don’t want to just give away the one I modified, this is a tutorial not a free resource. It’s meant so that people can make their UIs look how they please.

Alright, I will try again later to see if it works.

Oh, its working now, weird. Thank you!

Do you know how to make the whole UI rainbow?

Use the UI gradient element. Insert it into the frame and configure the gradient color in the UI gradient element.

Yes. There is actually a free module you can get here. Replace your other module with this and you’ll have rainbow admin!

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Hi. You need to get the BAE Loader Model for it to work!

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Alright. After some investigation; you do have to get the module(which you can get here). After this, you can insert it well.

hi, following all the steps i put the modulescript into serverscriptservice and after waiting an hour it still doesnt work, all my changes werent made on the admin?

Look at this Random Video that should help you

that only shows him modifying the script not the UI

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