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Greetings! My name is [name], and I’ll be your Security trainer for today’s session. Alongside me are my fellow helpers.

PTS requests will be denied for the duration of the session.

Alright, let’s begin. We will begin going over the role of a Security, then proceed on how to deal with certain situations.

The role of a Security member has a lot of responsibility. You are to patrol the hotel to ensure it is safe for all guests and staff.

You are to protect the hotel from spammers, caps abusers, exploiters, and many more.

You are required to wear your uniform at all times, you are permitted to go into Reception to equip the uniform.

If there are no Receptionists present, you are permitted to work at Reception. Once more receptionists have come, you can go back.

You may also be able to work at Reception if an MR+ allows you to. Most likely if there are Receptionists present, it will be declined.

While working, you’ll encounter trollers, exploiters, spammers and many more.

If you see a troller, you ask them to stop only ONCE. If they continue, that’s when you start giving warnings.

Trollers receive lll warnings only, and you are to call for an MR+ immediately after. Make sure to use the correct warning format.

The warnings format is: W l/ll/lll | (Username) | Reason

Example: W I | xOreo_Dev | (Trolling)

Someone can get a warning for multiple reasons; from abusing caps, trolling, or being rude, or not listening to staff.

Also, failure to use the correct warning format will cause the warning to be invalid. The format has to be understandable to be valid.

If spammers major spam, call a SHR down to the server to ban them.

We will now be talking about exploiters, this may sometimes be confused with people who have the Admin Gamepass.

Exploiters/Hackers are users that make the game simply unenjoyable for guests, or are abusing their powers.

An example of an exploiter is someone who is invisible and is tasing the whole server. Or somebody who is flinging all the users out of the world.

If you see an exploiter, try to take a screenshot of them exploiting/hacking for proof. This will be helpful in identifying them.

Also, when encountering one, do not give warnings. Instead, call an HR+ immediately and handcuff them if possible until an HR comes.

If you have an Exploiter in handcuffs, then take them to the back room of the staff area and wait for the HR+ to come.

You can either call for an MR/HR on our Group Page , or our Communications Server. (Discourd)

When calling please remain calm and professional.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask your helper! Otherwise, helper(s) may now go to their trainee(s)! Good luck!

Hello! I’m [name] your Security Helper for this session! Before we begin, do you have any questions or concerns?

(If they do make sure to answer them without making a fuss of things.)

Alright, let’s begin. In today’s session you will demonstrate the ability to deal with a troller, and an exploiter. We will first begin with a short trivia.

With the trivia, you will have only lll minutes maximum to answer each question. You are to answer in complete sentences with proper grammar.

Any copy and pasting during this whole section will result in an automatic fail and a removal from the server.

Alright, lets begin, good luck!

We will begin with a Trivia. This will determine whether you were paying attention earlier.

You have only III minutes maximum to answer each question. Please answer in full sentences.

Q I | How many tools do you receive, and what are their names?

Q II | When you encounter an Exploiter/Hacker, what are you to do?

Q III | When you encounter a troller, what are you to do?

Q IV | When are you allowed to work at reception?

Q V | True or False: You are allowed to have a taser fight with a
fellow staff member.

Great, we will now begin the troll test. As we talked about, trollers receive III warnings and you call an MR+.

To refresh, the warning format is: W I/II/III | (Username) | (Reason)

I can repeat the warning format again if necessary. If not, jump when you are ready to begin! Treat this like a real situation.

Great! That’s it for your training today, please follow me back to the main hall for your results!

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