Moss Bakery - Version 4.3 - Changelog

Moss Bakery - V. 4.2 - 01/18/23 - Valentines Update

This was Moss Bakery V4’s biggest update to date, with plenty of new things added. Play V4 or Join our group.


Ashley, the Valentines NPC has arrived on the island to tell jokes, will be updated daily, so come back every day!

Live Countdown Board

The clock is ticking to Valentines day… so keep an eye on it with our handy-dandy board. It will keep track of the time down to the second, so you can just sit back and relax.

Limited Time Badge

(Arriving in V. 4.2.1 - Now Released) This badge is given to anyone who enters the Bakery during the Valentines update!

Moss Bakery - V. 4.3 - TBA - Massive Update

This will be Moss Bakery’s largest update of V4 until the release of Moss Island, more details to follow.

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