Multi-Language support

Allow us to switch the display language, I’m Japanese myself, and I prefer to see Japanese over english, many others would like multi-language support.

Should we add this?
  • Yes
  • No

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Who would translate it though? If you’re gonna say automatic translation then I’m not up for it.

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The titles could stay the same :melting_face:

Then that would defeat the point of translation wont it if nearly everything was in English and not another language

i mean only translate the core text :japanese_goblin:

A bit off topic but is your first language japaneese or english? Because you can speak english fine. Why would you prefer japaneese?

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Also I don’t think we will add this anytime soon as this is an english forum. So what would be the point of getting a support team that speaks japaneese to resolve a problem that is in english

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I have taught myself how to do this:

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Totally not done with google translate.

Apple Translate, actually.

Still similar things.

ty i will probably use this

How did you do that?

Oh, peu importe, j’ai découvert comment. Ç

a a l’air sympa.

Oh, only problem is that it actually translates your posts to French, so it sent it in French…?

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Safari, there should be a translate button, choose languages and done.

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