Multiple Check-in screens stops pop-up GUI from functioning

Just wanted to say that I love the check-in. Way better than Check-meIn in many ways.

Just one question - when I try to duplicate the check-in screens the GUI stops popping up. Basically, I can only use 1 screen at the moment.
Is this an issue for anyone else or have I messed something up?

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Hiya, welcome to the forums, make sure you properly categorize your topic next time.

Can we see your roblox explorer?


To make more computers duplicate the computers inside of the computer folder.

I did it before, and I don’t know how but its suddenly started working again lol. I’m such a clutz. Thanks for helping.

No problem, please mark my post as solution so people in the future can use this.

You’ve saved me £25 of robux. Thank you so much.

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