Multiple problems from UGC Limiteds

UGC limiteds are basically limited items that have been created by a UGC (User generated content) developer.

Apparently you can even sell a UGC item for free. Most of the products are fair priced, but some of them are completely overpriced, like this item here:

This item is not worth 4.5K nor is it a very cool item, it’s just some 3d text selling for 45 real life dollars. Even kreekcraft commented on this:

In addition to this apparently this would also happen with the release of the UGC limited rollout, however, there are no comments or responses on this, I’m not sure how seriously this would damage the Roblox economy either.

What are your opinions on these UGC Limiteds, if you hope to make profit from this, it’s not worth it, right now it just seems like UGC items which are extra expensive and have a little green label on them.

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