My auto deploy does not function

Auto deploy never functions :frowning:

Hello & welcome to the community!

Are automatic deploys enabled?


Yes, they do not function at all. But I only have main not master.

There is no master and yes, it is enabled.

Is it linked to the correct github repository?

Yes, it is connected to the correct repository.

Try deleting this heroku server and creating a brand new one.

Ok, I love your channel by the way.

The automatic deploy will make !promote and !demote function yes? Because I’m guessing so after every promotion failing.

No, it won’t make anything work unless it’s all configure correctly, auto deploy simply deploys the latest code once it’s added to the github repo.

I have configured correctly and it comes back with the failed to promote message.

Alright, that’s something different, looks through some old #scripting-support who may have the same issue!

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