My cuff system wont work on dummy

I don’t understand why the cuff system doesn’t work. What advice can you give me, such as if I forgot a detail that could be important…

Can you please state your exact issue? And include the code? Please send us a screenshot of the dev console ingame to see if there are any errors (accessed via Fn+9 (or F9))

Welcome to the forums! - Is your dummy anchored or not?

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Hello, cookie. I don’t think so but I can’t have the click for cuff, the code is work i have the cuff ext…

Can you explain, how to anchored the dummy…

Yes, make sure you click on the anchor & make sure the anchor button is not a darker shade!

Yes but I had it i anchor but I can’t get my hand to press it.

Now i can click but cuff not work…

See it’s anchored, click on anchor again! Or one your language Ancrer!

how to anchored correctly ??!

Make it unanchored, it shouldn’t be anchored

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