My GUI Is not working can somebody help? - Closed

can someone help me my Gui is not working i will provide photos below,
The Gui that dont work are: (Done!) and (RaidersWin) they show even work.
also does the wait command mean it waits for 5 seconds bc i want it to wait a few seconds after the Raider Gui is enable then it will disable the GUI after the few seconds finish.

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local blast = game.workspace["Nukeclear stuff"].NukeBlast
	if game.workspace.Lever1.DownLever1.Transparency == 0 then
		if game.workspace.Lever2.DownLever2.Transparency == 0 then
			if game.workspace.Lever3.DownLever3.Transparency == 0  then
				if game.workspace.Lever4.DownLever4.Transparency == 0 then
					game.workspace["Nukeclear stuff"].NukeBlast.Transparency = 0
					game.workspace["Nukeclear stuff"].NukeBlast.Position =, 30.125, 43.375)
					game.Workspace["Nukeclear stuff"].NukeBlast.Sound:Play()
					if blast.Position ==, 30.125, 43.375) then
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.RaiderWin.Visible = true
						game.StarterGui.TeamChange.Enabled = false
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.RaiderWin.Visible = false
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.background.Visible = true
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.background["Game Restarting"].Visible = true
						game.Workspace.MainDoor.Gate.Transparency = 0
						game.Workspace.MainDoor.Gate.CanCollide = true
						game.Workspace.Parts.Pew.DoorNuke.Transparency = 0
						game.Workspace.Parts.Pew.DoorNuke.CanCollide = true
						game.Workspace.Lever1.UpLever1.Transparency = 0
						game.Workspace.Lever1.DownLever1.Transparency = 1
						game.Workspace.Lever1.UpLever1.CanCollide = true
						game.Workspace.Lever1.DownLever1.CanCollide = false
						game.Workspace.Lever2.UpLever2.Transparency = 0
						game.Workspace.Lever2.DownLever2.Transparency = 1
						game.Workspace.Lever2.UpLever2.CanCollide = true
						game.Workspace.Lever2.DownLever2.CanCollide = false
						game.Workspace.Lever3.UpLever3.Transparency = 0
						game.Workspace.Lever3.DownLever3.Transparency = 1
						game.Workspace.Lever3.UpLever3.CanCollide = true
						game.Workspace.Lever3.DownLever3.CanCollide = false
						game.Workspace.Lever4.UpLever4.Transparency = 0
						game.Workspace.Lever4.DownLever4.Transparency = 1
						game.Workspace.Lever4.UpLever4.CanCollide = true
						game.Workspace.Lever4.DownLever4.CanCollide = false
						game.Workspace.Lever1.UpLever1.ProximityPrompt.Enabled = true
						game.Workspace.Lever2.UpLever2.ProximityPrompt.Enabled = true
						game.Workspace.Lever3.UpLever3.ProximityPrompt.Enabled = true
						game.Workspace.Lever4.UpLever4.ProximityPrompt.Enabled = true
						game.Workspace.Raiders.Raider_Door.Transparency = 0
						game.Workspace.Raiders.Raider_Door.CanCollide = true
						for i, v in pairs(Players:GetChildren()) do
							if v:IsA("Player") then
								v.Team = game.Teams.Choosing
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.background["Done!"].Visible = true
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.background["Game Restarting"].Visible = false
						game.StarterGui.TeamChange.Enabled = true
						game.Workspace["Nukeclear stuff"].NukeBlast.Sound:Stop()
						game.workspace["Nukeclear stuff"].NukeBlast.Transparency = 1
						game.workspace["Nukeclear stuff"].NukeBlast.Position =, 405.375, 43.375)
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.background["Done!"].Visible = false
						game.StarterGui.Restarting.background.Visible = false


This looks like a clone post.

Did you make this or is it toolbox?

what do you mean?

what do you mean toolbox?

Did you yourself write this script?

Additionally, you’ve already made a post identical to this, which makes it look like you’ve copy and pasted your old post into a new one.

Cookie told me to make a new post about this


But did you make this script yourself?

yes i did write the script and it doesnt work can you help?


Change (“Players”) to:


done that, then what?

Try it out now. If it doesn’t work let me know.

doesnt work it also stopped my kill block from working, i mean from changing postions

do i need to change this
change the player to plr

Alright, try this:

local Players = game:GetServie("players")

so change it back to normal?

Nope, change the capital “P” to a lowercase.

“Players” isn’t a GameService.

also do i change all the “Players” to “player”

Hello, it doesnt work, it also keeps killing me on a loop.

Peter, you need to keep it at “Players”. That is the roblox player service. :wink:

Oh, that exists??

I thought roblox GameServices were always lowercases.

You don’t seem to have a GUI named “Game Restarting”