My HdAdmin won't load and the menu won't open

Greetings to all,

I have recently installed the “popmall/superbiz” catalog and everything works fine, but now the “HD admin” does not open the cmds menu nor does the HD button work, nor does it open the menu through the startup notification, before installing this catalog the HDAdmin was working correctly.

could you help me?

Have you checked the console logs?

popmall/superbiz has a “application” thing for it I believe. Join their discord server as that has some information or people who can help you further.

13:29:42.370  Requiring asset 3239236979.
Workspace.HD Admin.Settings.Loader, line 12
  -  Servidor - Loader:12
  13:29:44.982  Animation Spoofer cannot run while game is running  -  Servidor
  13:29:53.270  Animation Spoofer cannot run while game is running  -  Cliente
  13:29:53.923  Infinite yield possible on 'ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("HDAdminSetup")'  -  Studio
  13:29:53.923  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  13:29:53.924  Script 'Players.ladypoee.PlayerScripts.HDAdminStarterPlayer', Line 2  -  Studio - HDAdminStarterPlayer:2
  13:29:53.924  Stack End  -  Studio
  13:29:56.583  UpdateNotifier is not a valid member of Folder "Players.ladypoee.PlayerGui.ItemBuyer.Background.Main.Popups"  -  Cliente - VersionChecker:5
  13:29:56.583  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  13:29:56.583  Script 'Players.ladypoee.PlayerGui.ItemBuyer.Background.Main.Properties.VersionScripts.VersionChecker', Line 5  -  Studio - VersionChecker:5
  13:29:56.583  Stack End  -  Studio
  13:29:58.319  ReplicatedStorage.HDAdminClient.Modules.GUIs.TopbarIcon:22: attempt to call missing method 'setImageScale' of table  -  Cliente - TopbarIcon:22
  13:29:58.319  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  13:29:58.319  Script 'ReplicatedStorage.HDAdminClient.Modules.GUIs.TopbarIcon', Line 22  -  Studio - TopbarIcon:22
  13:29:58.319  Stack End  -  Studio
  13:29:58.320  HD Admin Module Error | TopbarIcon | Requested module experienced an error while loading  -  Cliente - MainFramework:249
  13:30:25.890  leaderstats is not a valid member of Player "Players.ladypoee"  -  Servidor - GlobalLBHandler:38
  13:30:25.890  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  13:30:25.890  Script 'Workspace.MAP.Coins leaderboard.GlobalLB.GlobalLBGui.List.GlobalLBHandler', Line 38  -  Studio - GlobalLBHandler:38
  13:30:25.890  Stack End  -  Studio

I’m here, because in the Discord of Superbiz they didn’t answer or help me.

I’m pretty sure there’s a application that you need to fill.
In the discord server, probably ask a person that may know information;(depending on rank)

I did what you told me and I still didn’t get any help, I lasted 4 days waiting for some help, but anyway, I won’t go back to the Discord about it, thanks for the advice :heart:

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Like mentioned above this is something you’re going to have to contact HdAdmin about

Even if you leave the logs you can’t do anything? :c

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