My old account getting unfairly terminated - Terrible roblox moderation

Ah yes, my old account getting terminated. (This is NOT photoshopped.)

Well that’s a strange “moderator note”, I notice how it has an exclamation mark instead of the usual format, the roblox moderators will usually use macros.

This is a table I found on the roblox fandom, it may be a little outdated but I’ve never ever seen that moderator note, “The adult content” moderator notice doesn’t seem to be of existence.

Roblox should have sent:

This content is not appropriate. Do not chat, post, or otherwise discuss inappropriate topics on Roblox. You have been warned repeatedly not to post about inappropriate topics on the forum. This account is being terminated due to repeated violations of Roblox’s Terms and Conditions of Service.

After a bit of research the only recalls of “Adult content is not tolerated on Roblox!” as a moderation notice is on a “meme website”.

The reasons also don’t like with the moderator note, something doesn’t seem to add up.

This is how the “deletion” should have looked like:

Are you sure that’s real or is it something you found on social media or somewhere?

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The moderator note looks normal other than the exclamation mark. They do not post the logo thing, and they might even use the exclamation…

It is a valid moderation message, according to the “Understanding Moderation Messages” page on the Roblox Support website. If we scroll down, we can see that it is indeed intended to put an exclamation mark.

Screenshot 2022-04-17 11.03.01 PM

You do know accounts can get terminated and the user can still log into the account, but access nothing bar logging out.

That’s unusual, roblox ought to fix that, it just doesn’t set the right tone.

In addition to that the account can’t be found on the RT terminated database.

Out of interest how long was this account around for?

I’m going to guess he just found out about this.


Out of interest when was the account created?

It could’ve been terminated beforehand. The screenshot doesn’t necessarily have to be taken today, it could be old.


Like a week before the ban.

It is my account. The thing is, I got banned for making a gamepass titled: Ummm. The logo is just a blank white picture… nothing offensive about that!

Alright, now, I see roblox thinking behind this a bit.

A lot of NSFW roleplayers use “ummmm” to symbolize inappropriate things. What game were you banned in?

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Kind of weird - as @peter said, it could’ve been taken inappropriately. If you appeal, they might understand - but don’t get your hopes up.

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I wasn’t! I made a gamepass. (Didn’t say it in chat, I named it a gamepass)

I tried, but they said it was only a 30ish day appeal range.

I was using it as a “question” not NSFW stuff. I couldn’t think of a name for the gamepass, so I named it a random thing. (Ummm)

Are you sure never said it in chat, it should have been taken out of context.

I have never said it in chat.

I have had the account for a day-week. I don’t remember, as it was a while ago.

May I ask what game the pass was for?