My quiz center is stuck on "Currently Promoting!" what should I do?

I followed the tutorial very closely and everything seemed to work. When we did the group member count test it worked fine but then I published the center and it did not work, any tips?

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Heroku logs?
Can you take a screenshot.

This normally means the cookie is incorrect, can you try getting a new cookie.

Explain the steps to get a cookie to me please.

Remember to use detail!

  1. Go on the group with the alt account
  2. Right click and press inspect
  3. Go to the three arrows and click application
  4. Click the thing under cookies
  5. Double click the thing under roblossecurity
  6. Copy and paste it into the code

Alright, can you go into anymore detail?

Not really, that’s pretty much what I do.

I see a few issues.

Let me list what you should do.


  1. Create an incognito window.

  2. Login to the bot account.

  3. Right click on the white space, or press CTRL + SHIFT +I.

  4. Go to application and copy and paste the .robloxxsecurity, make sure you copy the entire thing.

  5. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS. DO NOT LOG OUT OF YOUR BOT, simply close the incognito tab.

If issues still occur I recommend pinging me on discord & share-screening the process to me.

That is the issue I did log out, thank you!

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Alright, if that solves the issue.

Mark this post as your solution.

The issue was he was copying the “.rbxID” rather than the “.RobloxSecurity” cookie.

(I called him and tried to resolved the issue)

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