My Ranking Bot Wont Rank In The Applicaion Center

I have tried the bot like 7 times, and It haven’t worked a single time. My bot wont rank and in the application center it just stays at “Currently promoting…”

Heroku Logs

Alright, are you certain your cookie is correct, you have the correct role.

Also send me the “.env” file in dms.

Alright, since people still can’t fix it, I will be asking you to send me your github link, your group your heroku link and your game files, to me via Dm. @Noah please.

Now I have sent it to you.

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Oh, I can only send one file…

I got the message, but I noticed that when you sent me your repo, you haven’t defined any variables within your github repository.


Reason for this?

Please allow me access to the repository.

ONLY do this to me, because I’m trusted.

My name: CookieHax

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