My ranking center does not work

My rank center does not work!

I own the game pass, I gave my group ownership to an alt, joined on my main and clicked on the game pass I owned. (Assistant Supervisor), nothing pops up at the bottom where it would say “Double click a rank to Check” or “You don’t own this” etc. It does not kick me. I check the group and I’m not ranked. So I give myself ownership of my group try it in studio and I get the following error:

  18:30:28.343  User owns gamepass! Now ranking!  -  Server - RankingManager:11
  18:30:29.361  HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error)  -  Server - RankingManager:13
  18:30:29.361  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  18:30:29.361  Script 'ServerScriptService.RankingManager', Line 13  -  Studio - RankingManager:13
  18:30:29.361  Stack End 

I do have Allow HTTPS Requests enabled and Allow Studio Access to API services enabled as well.

To replicate the bug, all I need to do it join the game, double click on “Assistant Supervisor”.

I have looked and haven’t found any similar errors!

If I go to line 13, here’s the code I have.

	local data = HttpService:JSONDecode(response)

Any help would be appreciated.

Lots of people have the same problem, please make use of our search feature before creating a post.

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Oh, sorry, I couldn’t see them!

No worries. Please refer to our community guidelines when in doubt.

I looked at a bunch of the other topics that had the same problem, and tried the same solutions but none worked so far.

Nevermind, I figured it out. I was 1, testing in studio, and 2 was Owner rank in group. I gave ownership of the group to my alt and tested it in game and it worked.


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