My ranking commands don't work

help me pls, the gui doesn’t come out and the bot doesn’t promote or demote, I’ve tried

hello sir, what are you asking for help with exactly? the cookie tech ranking commands?

It said “Uh-oh, we have problems promoting demoting the user”

Yes, cookie tech ranking commands

Pls help me, I want to rank commands in my cafe

Can we see your heroku logs?

that’s my heroku logs

Lots of things of yours are shutting down-

So, how to fix it? Pls help

Keep the logs page open, and then trying to run your game.

It says that your trying to promote the user to the same rank that the user already is, demote the user your trying to rank and then try.

I can’t demote that user, it still says "uh-oh

Maybe its your heroku that is wrong. Maybe you forgot to enable something

I guess not, because I’ve followed all the tutorials

Show me your ranking centre file. (Remove the API KEY from settings)

hm, I don’t understand, what is a ranking center file?

Show me the settings file.

Where??? Sorry, it told me to do 20 words