My roblox Studio is closing when I open a baseplate or file?

Solved by @Noah

Not sure which section to put this under but, how do I fix my issue? When I open any file / baseplate my studio will open for a maximum second of around: 20 seconds; then close down the whole application will close without any human closing it (no robot either.)

I spoke with a programmer from the real dev forums (ROBLOX’s) [sorify] and he has gave me a quick search to find a 4 year old post, someone else also seemed to occur this issue 8 hours ago and someone 1 hour ago a whole new thread was made 1 hour ago from a experienced dev if anyone has a solution / is experiencing this don’t be scared to reply. I will definitely update if I find a solution.

My devforum post

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Try re-installing Studio completely or scan your computer for any viruses that may be interfering with Studio.

Attempting as of now about 20 seconds

Not got any malicious things

Is your windows on the latest version are all of your drivers updated?

What version of windows are you on?

What happens in task manager when roblox crashes?

Have you restarted your PC (I know this can sound silly but it works).

Have you tried loading up roblox without any other applications open?

Do you have any “FPS unlocking tools” running that could be interfering?

Have you checked if any start-up’s could be causing issues?


Have you done a deep windows security search?


Do you have any roblox plugins that could be affecting start up?

Have you sent dump files to roblox?

Please keep us posted! :slight_smile:

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Happened to me, disable ALL Plugins, reinstall studio and restart ya PC. Should work if not check here -

But I cant access my plugins my studio instantly closes what do I do?

Can you try doing the above. :slight_smile: @Kieran

Does your roblox only crash when you load up baseplate? @Kieran

File / made map / baseplate only the main screen to select things works.

Try disabling plugins one by one, if that doesn’t work try uninstalling plugins.

To disable your plugins click the green toggle:

Also try updating your plugins! :heart:

To access your plugins:

Maybe a big plugin got compromised or had an update that caused roblox to crash, :crossed_fingers: this gets fixed with this!

(If your plugin re-enabled, you must try uninstall)

Remove any plugins you don’t use or don’t work anymore, as cookie said.

He told me on our discord that he’s currently removing the plugin.


It looks like we might have success!


Let’s go, yeeeeeee, woo hoo!

You do man, you do, haha!

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