My :warnings command isn't working properly

So, basically, I made a Basic Admin Essentials plugin and with another one of my plugins, :warn, I have reasons configured into it. The problem here is that reasons isn’t displaying properly with the warnings list, like it worked at first but there was no space and what I wanted it to do was “Warnings: (number) for (reason)” but it’s just appearing as an error within BAE but not in actual roblox studio.


This is the error, BTW!

How does the user find out about their warnings, a PM, a Message?

Also, do you mind sharing your :warn command script?

And, their is a plugin for warnings already. Find it here, maybe this might help?

That’s a seperate command, the warnings command is for an admin to view how many warnings the user already has.

That’s not the issue, the issue is that it’s not displaying the reasons. The issue is mainly right here:

table.insert(Warnings, "Warn: ".. game.Players[combinedVictims].Warns.Value..Reason)

I know, but in order to find out why it isnt working I need to see both to make sure they are linked properly.

Have you checked the debug logs?

Let me think for a second, ill be back soon.


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Have you found the issue?

Nevermind, I found out the issue.

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