Needing help with JavaScripting

I’m trying to make the bot reply to me saying the username but it won’t.

Alright, JavaScript is not quite my game but I think I see the problem.

Can you send me the code in a reply?

(I need a close up)

var Discord = require(‘discord.js’)

var rblxbot = require(‘noblox.js’)

var config = require(’…/config.json’)

module.exports = {

name: 'Promote', //Case Sensitive

description: ' ......',

async execute(message,msg,split) {

  if(!message.member.roles.cache.has('874300093417799700'))return message.reply('You do not have permission to rank users. You must be **Board Of Executives+**.')

    const robloxname = split[1]

    if(!robloxname)return message.reply("Username is missing. Please provide a correct ROBLOX username.")

    await rblxbot.getIdFromUsername(robloxname)

    .then(async (robloxid) => {

        rblxbot.promote(config.GroupId, robloxid)


            message.reply('Successfully promoted ${robloxname}')


        .catch((err) => {




    .catch((err) => {

        message.reply('Invalid user. Try again.')





Try printing “robloxname”

String Interpolation

Before ES6, we could embed an expression with a string using the + operator.

const name = "cookie";
const myString = "My name is " + name;

This will output, My name is cookie.

With template literals, we can accomplish the same thing through string interpolation.

String interpolation is a process where you can pass a valid JavaScript expression such as a variable into a template literal. The expression inside ${} is evaluated, and the result of the evaluation is embedded into the string as demonstrated in the example below:

const name = "cookie";
const myString = `My name is ${name}`;


My name is cookie

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Has that fixed it, if it doesn’t I’m not sure.

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Yes, thank you! (20 charssssssssssssssssss)

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