New Events Feature - Coming soon!

For a while now us developers have been hoping for a community driven events system, we now have confirmed news that Community driven events will be happening with dedicated landing pages, isn’t that a relief!? :face_exhaling:

If this is done properly by Roblox this could become one of the best updates to ever release on Roblox.

Just look at that, view for yourself here there is so many cool things that could come from this, maybe you could even pay to have your event sponsored at the top of the list. This brings so much opportunities!

Spotlight coming to the community is really important, hopefully every developer will soon have access to this incredible command.

I can’t wait until this releases to the community, if you were going to host a event what would it be like?


Roblox ALSO needs to allow normal users to create badges that give you offsale avatar items.

Wait, what? - Elaborate.

You know how in events, games can give you badges. When you get those badges, they come with avatar items. (Therefore allowing the game to give you an avatar item). This is currently only possible with roblox sponsored events (at least I think) they should enable this for all users.

I disagree if anybody can make items people will make their own events just for them and then they can get their own items for free.

What I mean, is that people can set up obbys (This is an example) and then award badges when you get to certain stages. They can then make a t-shirt that you get that says “I completed stage 10 on BlahBlahBlah Obby” not only as a reward, but as a form of advertising.

Can’t you already do this?

I don’t think so. If so, I do not know how.