New most realistic Roblox game?

A called “frontlines” was in development for such a long time and for a while people where always stating, “is this even roblox?”

It’s one of these super realistic roblox games & now they’ve just released.

This game probably cant run on a lot of computers, but for those with good builds go for it.

This is incredible.

The music, the sound, the assets are all insanely good.

Check it out for yourself, this is revolutionizing roblox.

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Play now: (2) FRONTLINES - Roblox

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I’m speechless :exploding_head:

This cannot be Roblox. It’s absolutely amazing to see just how much potential can be done on Roblox! As I’m not typically an FPS player I joined in for the sake of exploration, and I have to say, I’m impressed that I have a zero-lag experience on my 2020 iPad Pro.

Everything is made perfectly. The UI, the textures, the environment … it’s just too perfect to be true for a Roblox game.

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