New Roblox bedwars update opinions

Iā€™m glad to say Bedwars season 7 is now out! It comes with a ton of cool features here is what has come:

New update is live! @everyone
Welcome to the start of Season 7! :dizzy: :tophat:

:star2: :tickets: Season 7 Battle Pass
The Battle Pass gives you access to tons of limited edition content! Owning the Battle Pass also gives a 20% experience bonus.

:1st_place_medal: Battle Pass Rewards
All non level 50 Battle Pass kits will become non-exclusive once the Battle Pass Season ends.

:star2: 4 Kits (2 out now, 2 Coming Soon)

  • :wilted_flower: Caitlyn (Lv 50)
  • :tophat: Umbra (Lv 35)
  • :grey_question: Coming Soon
  • :grey_question: Coming Soon
    :hocho: 3 Kill Effects (Atomic, Rave, Luminous Sword)
    :teddy_bear: 4 Lobby Gadgets
    :wave: 32 Image Emotes
    :dancer: 3 Animated Emotes
    :label: 18 Titles

:1234: Player Levels
Play games to earn Player Level XP and unlock rewards, including:
:owl: NEW Kit - Whisper

  • Kit rental passes
  • More Free Kit Rotation slots
  • Mission auto-complete tickets
  • Battle Pass XP boosts

:joystick: Core Game Changes

  • Added the Titan boss and Diamond Generator Guardians
  • Removed balloons from shop
  • Removed Relics from all queues
  • Added ability to Recall back to your base
  • Iron ore rocks now spawn around your base, with a chance to grant emeralds and diamonds
  • Resource split range has been increased
  • Reduced health regen when away from your base

:trophy: Season 7 Ranked Season
Ranked Season 7 begins next week! Ranked rewards for Season 6 will be distributed within 2 weeks. All Gold+ players will receive a kit skin. You will receive extra rewards for placing in higher divisions.

:free: Free Kits of The Week
:diving_mask: Axolotl Amy
:guitar: Melody
:star2: Star Collector Stella (First Time Free!)
:ghost: Gompy (Unlocked with Player Level 20)

:world_map: Maps
Reworked BedWars Squads maps: Aztec, Sand Temple, Sanctum
Reworked BedWars Doubles maps: Sand Temple, Darkholm

Play now:

Let me know what you think off this update.

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