New ROBLOX dominus?

Recently - I’ve noticed people talking about a new dominus - Lobsterius. This dominus released with a price of nearly 25 million robux, being pretty expensive. But is it worth it?

It seems to be blue, with black accents and a blue, lightning-type effect. This dominus looks cool, but is it truly worth it?

Personally, I think most dominus-products are over priced, and also overrated, being more of a status symbol. This is an upgrade, but still quite far from worth it for me.

I would love to hear your opinions on this!

@cam :wave:

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I think it is, it seems to have effects, which is quite cool.

I have to be honest, this new dominus doesn’t look very good. The graphics seem very poor, especially whatever is inside the hood (I cant make it out), and it’s certainly overpriced.

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For some reason, this looks like a walrus to me. I don’t like it that much and definitely overpriced.


I agree with you, the texturing is horrendous.

I used to thing (domini? dominiuses? dominus’s?)were cool, but now thinking about it, they’re not that great alt all, it’s just the same model with some texturing.