New roblox event allows swearing

As we all know Roblox is increasing their appeal to over 18 users, an official roblox event now allows swearing for +13 users in their game.

Of course, with the new age ratings only 13+ are allowed access to this game, but take a look at the warning when you first join!

It would be interesting to see how far Roblox can take it until it’s too bad for players above 13 to a certain age to experience.

The game that has introduced this is the official Stranger Things event. I wonder if they’re allowing explicit language in the chat, or if it will just be in the audio. Personally, I think this is going to be pretty stupid.

Lots of 13+ users are just under 13 users pretending to be 13.

I also know that Stranger Things is rated a 15 in the UK, so I have no idea how the age limiting works, but oh well.

This is the description of the experieince, is roblox reaching a new era?

How big of a deal is this for roblox? (1 least, 5 most)
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Just trying out this event right now, and I love it.

The audio isn’t censored but the captions are, and the interactions are really fun.

This may be one of Roblox’s better descisions.


Oh, they’re playing the entire show, nice, guess I can get my stranger things game on.


Sounds interesting, my first impressions weren’t great- perhaps I was in the wrong area, thanks for saying this!