New Roblox Fonts - Soon we can make our own?

Yesterday Roblox gave us this official update:

We are excited to announce that we’ve launched a new section in the Creator Marketplace for browsing through fonts and added 81 new fonts to the Marketplace!


Isn’t this so cool! Roblox has also stated:

Future plans

We’re working on adding even more fonts. Our goal is to offer the entire Google Fonts catalog of more than 1500 free fonts.

In addition to that, we hope to add more filtering functionality in the Toolbox for finding fonts, such as search.

I hope in the future we can upload our own fonts and all of these new fonts look really good, what are you planning on doing with them in your game?


Browser fonts: Fonts - Creator Marketplace (


Wait, what? This is amazing! I’ve always wanted to integrate Google Fonts into Roblox Studio so badly, finally it’s here.

It’s a really great update, can’t wait to use these in Admino and Northdrift! :smile:

It will look incredibly interesting and variation in games will be much stronger.

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