New roblox studio design - Opinions?

Roblox has touched up the roblox studio design and it’s kind off annoying.

My issues

Here are the main issues with the UI change.

Where has the device emulator gone?

New checkboxes have this strange outline, it’s behind the white outline.


What is this show button?

Logos feel to “thin”:


Checkboxes still have strange background:


Checkbox checks are too small:

Bix screen = smaller and smaller checkboxes

What I like

Roblox is starting to redesign the UI, with this comes issues - Hopefully they can resolve this, I feel if roblox studio could have a better flow it could also speed up development.

Plugins are “squished”:

Plugins have now become smaller so they can fit your entire screen!

What are your views on this?

Obviously quite a few issues come with this upgrade, do you like it or do you think roblox kind off rushed this feature?

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Forgot to mention: You can get your device emulation from the “Test” tab.


I won’t lie - I haven’t updated studio for AGES. I’m talking like a year or so. Didn’t even know it could be updates xD

It should update automatically every time you bootup - Just like roblox.

Oh I didn’t know that. Mine hasn’t got merged pluggins and still has the device view thing

Maybe your just behind versions or on a different theme (E.g Light theme)

How did you get these features?

I’m also a roblox beta member, that may be why?

Although I do like the new design, it’s not the best. I use the hide UI toggle a lot, for giving me some more screen space at times, and now you have to do that from somewhere else in the menu which really defeats the purpose of that.

However, I really like the “script overlay” feature. It will make multitasking much easier for scripters, new and old.

It’s slowly rolling out to developers who use Roblox Studio … even I haven’t received it yet.

I like the new design too, and like OH20_rbLX said, It’s also not the best.
Although, thanks to this post I found the device emulation thing.

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I don’t love it but I don’t hate it, I feel it’s a bit too compact.