New Roblox Update - Animated Particles with the Particle Flipbooks

“FlipBooks” that can also be referred to as Animated Textures, for particle emitters are now being added into roblox!

Now this is a really good update as it allows us to use animated textures which will allow us to get much more realistic particles.

Image from Gyazo

We can use images like this:

To tell the particle how to animate:


I’m really glad to see this getting integrated into roblox,

What are your takes on this and where do you think you will use this?

If you want to learn how to create your own particles, or learn how to enable the beta follow the guide on the devforum here.

What are your opinions on this!?

I would love to hear,


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Thanks for posting, this new feature will come in handy! It’s a really cool update.

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I could see this being used in ER:LC and games like this were realism is really crucial in giving a fantastic gameplay experience.

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I could see this being used in many other games than just ER:LC. I could see Adopt Me using this as they are big on using particles for their pets.

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That’s true, or big events - These could come in handy in almost any situation.