New update to roblox catalogue - Spend Otimised Personalization

Finally, something good about the catalogue!

Back in September bloxy news tweeted about this:

It’s a simple addition, but it’s going to make everything a lot more useful, the shopping cart allows you try out multiple items, no need for those “avatar maker games” & allows you to purchase it all in one bunch.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if this will be the demise to those games as this feature is now slowly rolling out.

If you’re using the windows 10 app every time you click something it adds a little checkmark and it’s added to a “bag”.

Then on the preview in the right, it will show you and show you the basket, pretty cool!

Useful, right?

What are your opinions on this update and how do you think it will affect games like “Catalogue Heaven”, where you make your own avatars?

Let me know down below!

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Wow! This is so cool.

Finally we’re getting a very efficient way of shopping over on the Avatar Shop, Roblox is adding some very neat features. I was once commissioned to create a “basket” catalog system like this, at the time I wondered, “when will Roblox add this?” Now, this is finally reality.

It’s kind of like Amazon or any online shopping site … a cart / basket is useful to save items, same concept applies here, I love it!