No-reply PM plugin for BAE 2.0

I am trying to make an no-reply PM plugin for BAE 2.0, i want to make an command that when I run “:pmadmins”, it will automatically PM all admins, but the admins (the people who haves received the PM) will not able to answer it. Can anyone help me with scripting this?

You will have to make a plugin, then use the appropriate bae commands.

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This is to help with scripts, not make me a script.

Also, have you maybe tried AI? :sweat_smile:

Using AI-generated code is not advisable because it frequently contains errors and can mislead individuals, potentially leading to unreliable software and security vulnerabilities. If you rely on AI-generated code, it inhibits the fundamental learning process for developers, and it hinders their ability to understand and troubleshoot code effectively. So, please do not rely on AI-code generators such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, etc.

Surely, you can use AI to get second opinions and tips but don’t just blatantly use it to generate you code. Just my personal thoughts.

No, when I use that it gives errors and the command does not work then.

Yeah, but I am not really good with making plugins for BAE 2.0.

You could maybe fork the MainModule to get the Get Players module to receive all the Admins so that you can send an API Request

game.ReplicatedStorage["Essentials Events"]["EssentialsEvent"]

PS. I have no clue if any of these variables are right.

No its.
game.ReplicatedStorage["Basic Admin Essentials"]["EssentialsEvent"]

As I said, I have no clue, sorry but it sounds very condescending.

Yeah, but I want to make a command that when I run:

:pmadmins text here

That it will send all admins an PM where the receiver can not reply to.

I have already tried making an script with ChatGPT, but when I did that it says that he does not know how to make a BAE 2.0 script, he only knows how to make Adonis Admin scripts or HD Admin scripts.

Can you show us what scripts you currently have created to solve this problem?

I do not have any scripts.

In that case you need to make one as we can’t spoon-feed you the answer for everything.

Okay, case closed then.