Northdrift County | Alpha 0.3.6 - Game Teaser [April]

Greetings everyone!

I know you’ve been waiting a very long time, so I believe it’s time to give out a teaser of what will be coming in the next Northdrift County update, which will come out some time in May! :eyes:

This could be one of the largest updates to the alpha version of Northdrift. Take a look below! I wonder what this could be … :thinking: :car:


(Credit to our professional vehicle modeler)

More teasers will be coming within the coming days, or weeks! We’re really excited and we hope you are too as the future of our game looks very bright. :sunny:

Last Updated: 11:23pm EST (Canada :canada:)

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It looks great. I don’t think you have the right category though- perhaps the #general or #development category.

Thank you, I got #10-category confused with #site-feedback

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We have another teaser! What could this vehicle be … :thinking:

(Again, credit to our awesome modeller for the vehicle)

That looks super nice, did you pay for it?

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Yes. We had a deal that I would pay the modeller per task, where I cover 25% of the Roblox tax.

(I may have dropped a hint when I said “per task”)

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We’re making extremely great progress, here’s a teaser of our completed new cars! We will be showing a lot more progress in the coming weeks and I’m personally very excited! What are your thoughts? :eyes:

These are some very large vehicle teasers, how might they look once they are drivable? Will they each have their own unique characteristics? :thinking:

Super Secret Spoiler

We will be opening applications for vehicle chasis scripting and more very soon, so stay tuned!


Wow, these car models look great! I’m sure many people cannot wait for the game to come out.


Woah! Amazing, I think you will become a professional developer!

These cars are looking amazing, I can’t wait to start playing the game when it releases!

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