Northdrift County - Hiring [Airport]

Hey everyone!

As we have recently slowed down the development of Northdrift County due to past travel and personal issues on my end, I have decided to open up positions to resume our game development and hopefully release the game soon with a ton of packed features! :airplane:

Today, I have opened up positions related to the designing of Northdrift County’s airport, and this is probably going to be the largest structure to exist in the game.

Currently, there are three positions available for the airport / plane designing, all that require certain skills to be picked for the job. Please note, if you’re choosing something other than livery designing, you will need modelling and building skills. :hammer_and_wrench:

Builder Position - Airport

  • Your task is to design a modern and quality airport building. This includes everything that an airport has, even the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower.

  • You must be able to design a proper, realistic runway, with all the LEDs and runway markings. I will, however, provide the color codes for the runway pavement and markings as well as the LED lights.

  • You are required to have experience with Blender, Roblox Studio, or other modelling software that can export builds into Roblox Studio is an effective manner. Preferably 1.5+ years of experience.

  • A portfolio is required if you are to have any chance of being picked for any of these positions.

Modeller Position - Airplane

  • You must be able to model a realistic Boeing 787 for Northdrift County’s airline. Please ensure that the aircraft is designed in a way that it will be easy for livery designers to add the livery onto the plane side and tail!

  • An interior must only contain seats in which players are able to sit in, a simplified (but not over-simplified) bathroom stalls and emergency exit doors, as well as the cockpit where the pilot and co-pilot are able to sit (leave the dashboard area empty so I can later upload my own decals, unless you found a good non-copyrighted aircraft dashboard decal).

  • You are absolutely required to have experience modelling within Roblox Studio and Blender, as well as knowledge on quality and proper importing into Roblox Studio from Blender.

  • A portfolio is required if you are to have any chance of being picked for any of these positions.

Graphics Designer - Livery

  • You must be able to create a livery that is able to fit as a decal right onto the sides and tail of the plane created by the modeller.

  • You are required to have knowledge with Photoshop and editing skills in order to design us a perfect livery. Details will be provided upon applying for this position.

  • You must have good communication skills, as you may need to coordinate with whoever will be designing the plane model in order to create the right amount of space for the decals, proper size checks, etc.

  • A portfolio is required if you are to have any chance of being picked for any of these positions.


Builder Position — 6500 Robux

Modeller Position — 4300 Robux

Livery Position — 2500 Robux

If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to apply for one of these positions, please contact me on the Cookie Forums, @RealOH20 (click and hit "Message). Always happy to help! :wave:

Last Updated: 7:32am EST (Canada :canada:)


Positions Available

Building Position — 0/1
Modeller Position — 0/1
Livery Position — 0/1

To encourage people to apply, I have slightly raised the compensation of the building position.

We have more Robux to invest in the game, all position compensation has been increased by by significant amounts. If you go beyond expectations when delivering the final product, I’m open to negotiate higher amounts.

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i would apply but i cant build or something like that :skull: